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Qualia Media Group


Hi everyone,

   First I would like to apologize for the hold-up on getting things going here, due to some unavoidable circumstances everything was put on the back burners for a while, but the recent break in the weather has opened up some opportunities for us. We are planning a show for the end of may, our goal is to, eventually, have them running weekly or bi-weekly depending on how many artists we can book.

   But first things first, we are compiling a data base of all the local artists that are interested in doing these shows, as well as people interested in helping to plan, run, and promote them.


Here's what we are looking for from bands/music acts* (*we want musicians from any genre: rock, rap, electronic, etc.):


1. Group name

2. Names and ages of all members

3. Type of music/ Description

4. Bio of the group: how long you've together, location, experience, venues played, etc.

5. Contact information

6. Demo or sample of music (cd, mp3, etc.)

7. Group logo? Group photos? website? what type of promotional items

8. Press Kit: would probably include all of the above.


Only 1-5 are mandatory, the rest are optional


Here's what we are looking for from all other artists:


1. Artists name, age, location

2. Contact information

3. A brief bio: how long practicing, favorites, influences, places displayed, etc.

4. What kind of artwork? Description of methods and mediums

5. Any one of the following: Pictures, samples, slides, websites

6. I should also add that we are looking for gallery ready artwork only, meaning framed and matted, or otherwise prepared to be shown in a gallery setting


Here's what we are looking for from people who would like to help plan, run, promote, and perform any other functions needed.


1. Name, age, location

2. Contact information

3. Any info on past experience (not required)

4. Area most interested in: Art, Music, planning, promotions, etc.

5. Days available


We are looking to gather as much information as possible so if I left something out, don't hesitate to include it. Also if samples or demos are not available we can probably arrange to come out to see or hear what you have. So if you, or anyone you know of are interested in any of these three areas you can send all information and materials to:


Qualia Media Group

15523 Plaza S.

Taylor, MI 48180


I can also be reached by phone 734-624-6341 or email rgarcia@qualiamediagroup.com


I look forward to hearing from everyone soon.



Rolando Garcia II

Qualia Media Group
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