I shot the pilot (annoyedchik) wrote in scenexcore,
I shot the pilot

// December 26th - Milwaukee, WI
// December 27th - Peoria, IL
// December 28th - St. Louis, MO
// December 29th - Memphis, TN
// December 30th - Arkansas
// December 31st - Dallas, TX
// January 1st - Humble, TX @ Fuel Cyber Cafe w/ Mortal Treason, As Eden Burns and The Last Starfighter
all ages, $8
// January 2nd - Shreveport, LA
// January 3rd - Jackson, MS
// January 4th - Alabama
// January 5th - Tampa, FL
// January 6th - Orlando, FL
// January 7th - Jacksonville, FL
// January 8th - Augusta, GA
// January 9th - Indianapolis, IN

and the sky went red needs your help, if anyone out there can set up a show with any of these dates, contact me or austin.

austin- austin@skywentred.com

sky went red will suck you off, its a guarantee.
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